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Liquid Rubber Waterproofing

"ECO-FLEX - an economical, tough, flexible liquid rubber waterproofing membrane for concrete and block foundations that is safe and easy to apply"

rubber waterproofing material Eco-Flex is a water based, cold applied, highly flexible liquid rubber waterproofing membrane. Aquaseal has developed this exceptional product for both ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms) and the standard construction industry, using the very latest technology. Eco-Flex is solvent free and non-flammable, and forms a highly flexible monolithic waterproof membrane. It has excellent adhesion properties, not only on ICF forms and EPS blocks, but also concrete (both new and existing), curing to form a water and vapor proof coating. It can also be used beneath tile in shower and toilet areas, or as a water and vapor barrier under a concrete subfloor. Eco-Flex rubber coating is not only #1 in quality, but is also offered at a very competitive price.


"I would just like to express my gratitude about your product. When it came time to apply the Eco-Flex......the sealer went on beautifully and I didn't have to mix it very much. I just stuck a 1/2" matted roller in the bucket and went to town. I covered 110 feet of an 8 foot wall in 40 minutes. I think this product is superb and would highly recommend it. Thanks again!"
Ben Kosir

Eco-Flex is a very versatile waterproofing product which has been also chosen for a unique project of DomeHome Canada earth-sheltered house first to be built in Ontario. See Aquaseal rubber waterproofing membrane applied with a roller


Features of Eco-Flex rubber waterproofing:

rubber membrane

  • Spray applied - or use a brush or roller
  • Highly flexible +950%
  • 30 Year Warranty
  • Water and air barrier protection<
  • Adheres to all building substrates
  • UV resistant (up to 12 months exposure)
  • 100 % solvent free and non-flammable
  • Cleans up with water
  • Non toxic and is VOC compliant in ALL States and Canada
  • Superior rubber content, when compared to other waterproofing products
  • Very good coverage and long shelf life (2+years)
  • Prevents the ingress of radon, other harmful gasses, and termites
  • Use on above and below grade applications, horizontal or vertical surfaces
  • In accordance with ICC-AC29, Eco-Flex is applied at a thickness of 60mil wet and cures to a minimum 40mil when dry
  • Meets and exceeds all criteria for ICC-AC29 (Acceptance Criteria for Cold Liquid-Applied Below Grade Exterior Dampproofing & Waterproofing Materials)
  • Meets and/or exceeds all waterproofing standards: ASTM C836-89, BOCA National Building Code, Standard Building Code & Uniform Building Code, and the new ICC-AC29


"This is truly a great product. We have been looking for a high quality cold applied, spray-on rubber waterproofing for some time, and now I have found it. I will be using Eco-Flex on all my EcoBlock ICF homes. I am also now using the new Aquaboard on my foundations which maybe exposed to rough back-fill material as added protection."
-Jerry Cox, ECO Bloc distributor South Carolina

For areas located in Northern climates we offer

Eco-Flex WF (Winter Formula)

With the same great qualities as Eco-Flex, Eco-Flex WF contains a small amount of 'clean solvent' which helps it cure in temperatures down to as low as 20F, but it is still environmentally friendly and VOC compliant in all States. With the availability of this new product, you can continue to waterproof foundations through the cold months.

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